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Advertising on the airport territory

The formal advertising operator is a company CJSC (ZAO)  “Aero Marketing Service Group”.
The CJSC (ZAO) “Aero Marketing Service Group”offers to run an advertisement of your company on the airport advertising spaces.

Advertising inside the air terminal

  • Advertising on the light boxes of different size;
  • Broadcasting of advertising clips on the monitors in the air terminal;
  • Distribution of booklets and magazines on the stands for free press products
  • Advertising on the baggage carts;
  • Advertising on the telescopic passageways. 

Advertising on the landsides

  • Advertising on the boards of different size on the landsides of all air terminals;
  • Advertising on the building wraps, subways;
  • Advertising on the telescopic passageways. 

Other advertising projects

  • Organization and carrying of promotion actions on the air terminal territory;
  • Realization of creatively different advertising projects;
  • Advertising in the periodic printed publication “Passenger directory”.

Contact information

“Aero Marketing Service Group”

  • Tel: (+7 495) 739-44-34, 739-44-37, 739-44-87
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.