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The air service staff of the Irkutsk airport aspires to do everything, that the quality and design of the offered dishes leave memories from flight.


Especially for air carriers, which interests are directed at involvement of passengers, we offer dilated variants of ration:

  • Standard,
  • Vegetarian,
  • Religious,
  • Catering under the medical conditions,
  • Catering for children,
  • Exotic dishes and snacks.

The top-class real masters work in the airport service, they can present the airline on the international market worthily. Cooks and confectioners develop new types of ration and dilate assortment of flight catering. In the permanent rotation there are more than 80 hot dishes, cold snacks, confections, desserts and drinks. The service prepares till 3000 rations of catering flight for passengers of economy, business, first and VIP class. 915 880 portions were cooked and delivered on the boards of aircrafts in 2008.


For each airline the individual minimum of assortment is developed, which includes hot, cold, light and special catering.

The air service won grand prize on the cookery and service festival repeatedly, that confirms high skill of the staff and the quality of the dishes.