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Conditions of carriage of passengers with disabilities (in a wheelchair, deprived of sight and / or hearing, patients on the stretcher) are defined by Chapter VIII " Carriage of certain categories of passengers," of Federal Aviation Regulations "General rules for air carriage of passengers, baggage, cargo and requirements for passengers, shippers, consignees maintenance" (approved by the Order Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation № 82 from 28.06.07).

Passengers with disabilities must inform an air carrier when signing the contract of air carriage of the existing disabilities, in order to provide them proper conditions of carriage.

There are a number of conditions under which diseased, disabled people and pregnant women are accepted to carriage (carriage for special health conditions):

  • Health conditions of passenger does not threaten the safety of the passenger or of other persons (confirmed by medical document), does not create disorder and unavoidable inconvenience to others;

  • A medical fixed form document, signed by your doctor with a confirmed possibility of air transportation;

  • Carriage, which requires special conditions must be previously agreed with the carrier (transportation on a stretcher, the need for specialized medical equipment, etc.);

  • For pregnant women date of filling health document must not be earlier than 7 days before the carriage, gestation period should not be more than 35 weeks on the day of carriage, in case of excess of this period of pregnancy may be transported only with a special permission of medical service and accompanied by doctor or health care professional;

 More information about the rules of disabilities passengers’ carriage can be obtained from the airline, whose services you prefer to use.

View contact of JSC "International Airport Irkutsk" airlines.

 Airport staff provide physically challenged passengers with the following assistance:

  • Provide an equipment for transporting passengers on the ladder: a special chair, hard or soft stretchers (if necessary);
  • Accompany the passenger at the airport;
  • Assist in the passage of the border, customs and other procedures;
  • Provide with medical transport for passengers carriage to the aircraft;
  • Provide assistance when boarding a plane;
  • Assist with the luggage carrying.

 Services are provided by the airport at no charge.

 Dear passengers, we recommend to inform airport service in advance, no later than two days before flight, about all the services you need.

 For medical support and registration of the documents, please address the duty assistant of health center in the terminal on the phone: +7 (3952) 26-64-35.