Autoinformator +7 (3952) 266-922
  Phone 24/7 +7 (3952) 266-277
The class of the artificial landing Strip
B (according to the length of the landing strip)
Corresponding to the first category of ICAO-International Civil Aviation Organization
The category of the fire fighting equipment
The measurements of the general landing strip and the type of surface:
3565 x 45 m, Cement and Concrete – 40cm, Fiber Crete – 29 cm, PCN 72/R/C/X/T.
The airdrome is supplied landing systems
NDB – 2 direct., VORDME – 2 direct., ILS – 2 direct., HIALS-1 – 2 direct.
The traffic capacity of the airport building complex
The airport building of domestic flights – 800 passengers/hour
The airport building of international flights – 650 passengers/hour
The accepted aircrafts
II-76, II-86, II-62M, II-114, Tu-154, Tu-134, Tu-204, Tu-214, An-12, An-24, B-737, B-757, B-767A-310, A-319, A-320, A-321, , ATR-42, Fokker-50, Fokker-100, MD-82, MD-90, aircrafts of the 3 and 4 classes without restrictions
Under special permission of the Federal Air Transport Agency
B-747, II-96, An-124-100