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Air cargo terminal (post-cargo service) is situated on the territory of the Irkutsk Airport, which is the main airport on the regional internal Russian and international all-cargo service market.

The terminal has necessary workplaces for providing services:

  • The shipping warehouse is 912.6 sq meters and has 40 tons carrying capacity per twenty-four hours.
  • The arrival warehouse is 820.6 sq. meters and has carrying capacity 60 tons per twenty-four hours.
  • The flyover is open and sectional.
  • There are grounds for mechanized processing of heavy, large-size cargos and air containers.
  • The isotopic warehouse is 32.1 sq. meters.
  • The cold hangar is 743.8 sq. meters.
  • The temporary warehouse is 436 sq. meters and has carrying capacity 50 tons per twenty-four hours.
  • There is cargo department of the Irkutsk customs, frontier veterinary control and quarantine of plants.

Weigh station is 36.8 sq. meters.

  • Motor balance has 30 tons in weight.
  • Electronic balance has 3 tons in weight.
  • Electronic balance has 250 kg in weight.
  • Electronic balance has 30 kg in weight.

The cargo terminal has ground cargo treatment equipment: diesel loaders, lifting gears, container ground, electronic and mechanical balance.

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