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  Phone 24/7 +7 (3952) 266-277

Attention: upon reservation and purchasing an airline ticket please inform the ticket agent about the special services you need at the airport and in-flight.

For convenience of passengers with disabilities there are designated parking spaces. They are also equipped with direct phone service with the Lounge for people with disabilities.

Please note that the decision of traveling by air is made by your own doctor or a carrier representative considering some matters: your current state of health, need for special equipment, limitation in number of passengers with disabilities on board. Please receive the carrier’s confirmation 48 hours prior the flight.

Travelling with children

Children are the most welcome guests. This motto is followed at Irkutsk International Airport while servicing for our small passengers. Feel special attention to kids and their parents from the first minutes arriving at the Terminal: announcements about Baby Care Room’s services, priority boardingfor passengers with children.