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There is twenty-four-hour luggage room for temporary storage of passengers’ things in the airport.

Work rules of the luggage room in the JSC "International Airport Irkutsk"

  1. It is necessary to go through the security check before leaving the luggage in the cloakroom.
  2. The luggage must be packed according to demands of carriage by air. Brittle and fragile things are left in the packing and with a warning notice. Several things (coat, raincoat, umbrella and etc.) can be left without packing. Dirty, dangerous things, weapon without cover, explosive, flammable, toxic and stink materials also animals, birds and other living creatures are not left.
  3. The weight of a single place must be no more than 30 kg. Each place must have a device for carrying.
  4. The luggage is left only with declared value of each place.
  5. The rate of declared value is not restricted. But if it gives rise to doubt, a luggage room worker has a right to demand from a passenger to show the contents of several places, which are registered, for checkup.
  6. The differences in the luggage value are resolved by the airport manager or authorized official.
  7. The fee for storage and for value declaration is 150 rubles for each luggage place (40х40х50).
  8. The fine for number tag loss is 200 rubles. This number tag is given in witness of luggage reception. In case of loss, the luggage is given to the owner with arguments of its belonging. In this case the statement is drawn up.
  9. The air enterprise has responsibility for luggage loss at the rate of declared value, but not over than its real cost. By the luggage loss the air enterprise pays the amount of declared value to the owner in 1 day. If the things will be found out, the owner must take theirs and return the received amount of compensation.
  10. The air enterprise has no responsibility for natural damage of perishable goods in the luggage room.
  11. The air enterprise has a responsibility for deficit or damage of luggage in that case if the owner proves the guilt of the air enterprise.