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Carriage of Passengers with disabilities

Please read the information for passengers who need special assistance


List of services, provided to the customers:

1. Obligatory services:
- Service request taking
- High priority check-in of passengers and baggage
- Client’s accommodation
2. Tickets order and issuance in the booking office of Air Ticket Agency of JSC "International Airport Irkutsk" (in the terminal of international flights).
3. Preliminary tickets reservation to domestic and international routes
4. Luggage carts provision.
5. Individual customer carrying to (from) the aircraft on the airport’s transport (prior booking required).
6. Customer’s escort to the airport’s terminal of international flights land side area
7. Service for welcomers and seers-of.
8. Provision of separate rooms’ for negotiations and press conferences carrying.
9. Taxi booking.
10. Accommodation in the hotel “Vozdushnaya Gavan”
11. Inquiry issues about the flights schedule.
12. Service provision in Business lounge during banquets, seminars, negotiations, press conferences.